Release the past to embrace your future.

The negative effects of trauma can linger long after a painful experience. Acupuncture helps you release stuck trauma and overcome your symptoms so you can embrace a healthier future.




Trauma is not “all in your head.”

If you’re struggling to escape the aftermath of past trauma, you are not alone. And most importantly, your experience is not all in your head.

Trauma is often subconsciously stored in the body as a survival mechanism. For some of us, we were young we weren’t able to voice our concerns, so we held them inside. Or maybe we buried our trauma to protect ourselves. But left unprocessed, these emotions and memories linger in the body and can cause a range of physical health issues that prevent you from fully healing.

You deserve to feel whole – body, mind, and soul.

No matter your experience, acupuncture and other holistic therapies can help you release trauma and overcome physical manifestations of trauma so you can reclaim your health.

Safe, Compassionate Support to Find Relief

Unprocessed trauma shows up in different ways for different people. Acupuncture helps you release the trauma and find relief.

Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is one of the most common physical manifestations of any kind of trauma. We use acupuncture to release tension at the source and process emotions to prevent future pain.

Reproductive Issues

Sexual abuse and trauma often lead to pelvic pain, infertility, and other reproductive concerns. Acupuncture helps you release trauma and reclaim your reproductive wellness.

Digestive Disorders

It’s common to hold emotional or physical trauma in the gut, especially when a trauma happened at a young age. Acupuncture us “digest” past traumas to heal digestive issues or eating disorders.

How We Help

  1. Unlock lingering trauma.

    Gentle acupuncture treatments physically release pent-up emotions and traumatic memories from your tissues so you can start the healing process.

  2. Process old emotions.

    As emotions are released, we use acupuncture and other healing therapies to help your body process old (and new) emotions safely and positively.

  3. Restore balance and wellbeing.

    The healing process continues long after your trauma is released and your symptoms have disappeared. We use acupuncture to build your mental and physical resilience so you can take on the next chapter feeling your best.

Discover the Power of Trauma Release

The mind and body deal with trauma in many ways, and tissue memory is one of them. Learn more about how the body stores unprocessed trauma and how trauma release therapies like acupuncture may help you.

Learning How to Unlock Tissue Memory

Can Trauma Really Be Stored in the Body?

How Unprocessed Trauma Is Stored in the Body

FAQ: Wellnest Denver Acupuncture for Trauma Release

Curious if acupuncture for trauma release is right for you? Get answers to some of our most frequently asked questions:

How does acupuncture help me process trauma?

Acupuncture is a complex therapy, but in essence, it uses tiny needles to communicate with the nervous system, relax muscle tension, and circulate Qi (energy) through the body.

It works on many different levels to help the body release stored tension and emotions like pain, fear, and anger. One way is by physically releasing energetic tension from the muscles. When the muscles relax, the pent-up emotions are released and processed (often by crying or deep breathing).

Acupuncture also helps shift the mind and body from a chronic state of “fight or flight” (which is common after experiencing trauma) to “rest and digest” mode.

Studies also show that acupuncture may help release trauma by:

  • Releasing neurotransmitters and endorphins that relieve pain
  • Regulating the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system
  • Calming the mind and reducing anxiety
  • Promoting restful sleep
  • Relieving muscle tension and healing tissues
  • Improving digestion and circulation through the abdomen and pelvic area

How do I know if I would benefit from trauma release?

How we process trauma – both mentally and physically – is unique to each person. If you’ve experienced physical symptoms after experiencing trauma, or if you have lingering health issues you suspect might be related to a past or current trauma, acupuncture can help. Here are some of the most common issues we help our patients overcome with acupuncture for trauma release:

I’m actively working with a therapist/psychiatrist. Can I still do acupuncture?

Absolutely! Acupuncture is a wonderful complement to any other therapies you are using to overcome past traumas.

How many acupuncture treatments will I need?

This varies from person to person based on your overall health, your symptoms, and how your body responds to treatment. We’ll give you a customized treatment plan during your first visit and track your progress along the way so that your recovery is as effective and sustainable as possible.

What should I expect at my first acupuncture visit?

At Wellnest Denver, we aim for all our treatments to be gentle, effective, and enjoyable. Whether it’s your first acupuncture visit or your fiftieth, we’ll walk you through every step of the way and make sure you are comfortable from start to finish!

During your first visit, we start by discussing your mental and physical health symptoms. You are welcome to share as much or as little about your traumatic experiences as you wish.

We’ll also discuss your health history, lifestyle, diet, and other medical details to get a well-rounded picture of your overall health. Then, we’ll dive into your acupuncture treatment. You’ll get comfortable on our treatment bed and receive a tailored acupuncture session to release stuck trauma and start on the path to healing.

Afterward, you’ll leave feeling rested and have actionable steps to take to make progress between visits. Click here to schedule your first visit!

Are there any side effects of acupuncture for trauma release?

Acupuncture is 100% safe and natural. It’s normal to feel a slight pinch or tingle during your treatment, but those sensations subside after a few seconds and you will start to feel relaxed.

Because acupuncture for trauma release works to actively unblock physical manifestations of unresolved trauma, it’s normal to feel emotional or cry during your treatment. While this is a healthy part of the process., we make to move at your own pace and ensure that you feel safe, comfortable, and heard every step of the way.

In addition to noticing a reduction in your symptoms, you may also experience better sleep, a stronger immune system, and a sense of a weight being lifted.

Your past trauma no longer determines your health today, tomorrow, or beyond.

We can’t erase our histories, but we can decide how we write our futures. Acupuncture and other holistic therapies help to release the physical manifestations of past traumas so you can heal and move forward with peace and wellbeing.