Acupuncture + Holistic Medicine

Denver Acupuncture Rates and Services

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  • $155/Initial session
  • $115/All subsequent sessions
  • $200/ Initial + $175 for subsequent sessions/ Cosmetic Facial Acupuncture
  • $275/ VIP Acupuncture Sculpting Facial
  • $375/ Gua Sha Fusion + Herbal Politice
  • $550/Home Visits
  • FREE Phone Consultation

Services include:

+ Electro acupuncture
+ Nutritional counseling
+ Meditation and more

Acupuncture prices vary from first to subsequent sessions.
Accepted forms of payment: checks, cash, Mastercard, American Express, and Visa.


The insertion of very fine, sterile, single-use needles placed in specific acupuncture points to assist in rebalancing organ and biomechanical disharmonies.


The acupuncture needles are stimulated with an electric current delivered from a machine. This is often and effectively used in patients dealing with pain.


This involves the burning of an herb Artemesia Vulgaris-either on the top of a needle or held up to the skin at a distance. This is used often in patients who are dealing with cold or stagnant conditions such as certain types of abdominal cramps.

Tui Na

This is essentially a massage that is targeted towards the meridians and acupuncture points. It is used for a variety of conditions.

Gua Sha

Rubbing of the skin with a jade tool to facilitate the circulation of blood

Lifestyle Coaching

Tips and support to help you reach a goal and make changes to better your life!

Facial acupuncture

An all natural approach to aging. We use facial and body acupuncture points to stimulate collagen and elastin. Treatments include infra-red therapy, facial cupping, and relaxing gua sha massage.


This involves the use of glass or plastic cups that are placed on the body with suction to help remove toxins and muscle tension. They are used often in patients with immune issues such as a cold as well as for pain. Cupping can assist in pulling lactic acid buildup out of the muscles allowing the lymph to flush it out of the body. It is also great for allowing more oxygen and blood into the surrounding tissue..

Herbal Therapy

Prescription of herbal formulas consisting of about 5-15 herbs that are individualized for each patient’s condition and constitution.

Nutritional Counseling

Specific foods can be added or avoided to help strengthen the body’s natural ability to heal.


Life’s secret weapon! It can help you build a positive internal landscape by developing a meditation practice that will help you through externally turbulent times.


“I first sought out acupuncture through Garryn because I was experiencing some leg cramps due to all the miles I’d been running. Garryn was extremely professional from the onset and made me feel right at home. I explained what had been taking place within my body and Garryn listened intently in a way that no other acupuncturist I’d visited ever had before. Once I was finished, Garryn took the time to walk me through the acupuncture process and highlighted that I’d need 6 treatments to see results. I saw her twice a week for three weeks and sure enough by my sixth and final treatment my pain was completely gone!! I still continue to go to Wellnest Denver Acupuncture Clinic now, just on a less frequent basis. I would recommend anyone to Garryn- she truly has a way with this practice and she can even prescribe herbs if needed!”

– Dana U.