Weight Loss Woes? Get Personalized Weight Loss Tips from Chinese Medicine

Weight loss woes got you down while the scale keeps going up? It’s time to get personal.

There are thousands of weight loss cures, programs, and miracle methods out there to help you lose weight. So why do people continue to struggle every year to lose those pounds and feel like themselves again?

The reason is simple: sustainable, healthy weight loss does not have a one-size-fits-all solution. Lasting success requires a more strategic and personalized approach.

The most effective weight loss program is the one made for you. Here, we’re going to show you why traditional diet programs haven’t worked for you in the past and how Chinese medicine’s individualized approach to food and diet can put you on the right path to sustainable, healthy weight loss.

Why Diets Fads and Other Weight Loss Plans Haven’t Worked for You

Have you ever gotten excited about a revolutionary diet plan, just to try it out and feel no different? Or maybe you did notice some progress, but the weight just comes back the moment you veer slightly off the plan?

Unfortunately, these experiences are all too common. But the good news is it’s not you or your body; it’s the plan. Most diets that you find in weight loss books, programs, or even through social media influencers are sold to anyone, but they don’t work for everyone.

The first step to finding a weight loss plan that works for you is understanding what makes a weight loss plan ineffective. Here are three main reasons why your diet plans have failed you in the past:

1. The diet didn’t address your body’s essential needs.

Each body is different, and each lifestyle is different, too. What your body needs to thrive each day is unique to you. Yet, most diet plans do not take personal constitutions, hormone levels, lifestyles, location, or even age into account.

Remember: The right plan for you will be tailored to your body’s unique strengths, weaknesses, and needs.

2. The diet wasn’t sustainable.

Research shows that short-term weight loss is possible on most diet plans – if participants stick to the program. The problem is that many diet plans are not sustainable for most people in the long run. As a result, we fall off track and are back on the weight loss rollercoaster.

Remember: The only weight loss program that will stick is one that is achievable and can shift with your lifestyle and phase of life.

3. The diet only focused on food and ignored lifestyle.

Weight loss is not just about what you eat or even how much you exercise. In reality, weight loss is much more than burning fat and cutting calories. It’s about establishing a routine that you love to follow. One that supports your health, nourishes your body and mind and improves your overall life. When your lifestyle is built to encourage your health and success, your weight will stay balanced with little to no effort, and you’ll feel amazing naturally.

Remember: A truly successful weight loss plan will address your entire lifestyle – mind, body, and soul.

The Real Secret to Sustainable Weight Loss Plans

If you haven’t guessed it already, the secret to sustainable weight loss is personalized, goal-oriented, lifestyle-based weight loss plans. This is the most effective way to lose weight for good – and the best approach for lasting health and wellbeing.
So, what about a secret tool for success? That’s easy – it’s Chinese medicine!

Chinese medicine takes an individualized approach to all health issues, including weight loss. We combine specific dietary recommendations with a holistic plan that not only helps you lose the weight but keep it off while still living life to the fullest.

Personalized Weight Loss with Eastern Dietary Therapy

A key component of a Chinese medicine weight loss plan is Eastern Nutrition or Eastern Dietary Therapy (EDT). Unlike other diet plans, EDT does not prescribe only one set of approved foods or eliminate others. Instead, EDT is a framework that helps you learn to choose the right foods for your body based on the energetic properties, qualities, and natures of foods – not just calorie content.

In EDT, we first get a clear picture of your body’s constitution or tendencies. We may consider where you tend to put on weight, what kinds of cravings you have, what foods cause bloating, what your energy levels are like, how much stress affects your life, your current hormone balance, your health challenges, and several other questions that help us pinpoint your unique patterns.

With a clear picture, we can use the principles of EDT to create a simple and smart diet plan that will work for your body.

For instance, someone with a cold constitution who struggles with water weight and bloating will benefit from avoiding foods that are cold or heavy (think ice cream). They will feel better by eating more warming foods and using herbs and spices. Things like dried ginger and baked meat or vegetables can help improve their energy and metabolism while they lose weight.
An EDT diet plan offers guidance and balance, but not strict do’s and don’ts. You can still enjoy some of your favorite foods, as long as you keep a healthy balance and focus the majority of your meals on those foods that help you achieve your goals.

The Wellnest Denver Acupuncture Weight Loss Plan

Wellnest Denver weight loss plans include personalized Eastern Dietary Therapy recommendations and other Chinese medicine strategies like acupuncture and herbs. Here is a breakdown of how you can expect to lose weight with Wellnest Denver:


We’ll explore your biggest weight loss challenges and perform simple diagnostic tests that help us fully understand your body’s constitution, state of health, dietary needs, and triggers.


After understanding your body better, we’ll decide the best path to take for lasting weight loss and create a simple-to-follow dietary and treatment plan.

Acupuncture for Weight Loss

Most plans will include acupuncture for weight loss. These sessions will encourage a healthier metabolism, reduce sugar cravings, lower stress, and support whole-body health.

Chinese Herbs for Weight Loss

Chinese herbal medicine is an excellent ally for encouraging weight loss between treatments. Herbs can help reduce bloating, speed up metabolism, and boost energy.

Healthy Weight Lifestyle Guidance

Wellnest Denver, our weight loss plans are not complete without guidance on maintaining a healthy weight through lifestyle and habits. We offer personalized lifestyle recommendations for stress management, exercise, and other factors that help with weight loss.

Lose Weight Effectively with Chinese Medicine at Wellnest Denver

If you’ve struggled to lose weight or maintain a naturally healthy body shape, it’s not your body, it’s your plan.

Wellnest Denver is here to take the mystery out of losing weight and help you finally find the solution that works for you. Our treatment plans work because they are completely tailored to your body’s unique strengths, weaknesses, and needs to achieve a healthy weight you’re proud of.

Schedule a consultation today to learn more about how you start a strategic, personalized weight loss plan with Wellnest Denver Acupuncture. Lose weight, gain confidence, feel renewed!

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